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Erezha south It is the first kara of Chettikulangara, and the people of Erezha South brings the largest Kettukazhcha at Chettikulangara. The dancing ' lady dolls', attached to the Prabhada of this Kuthira adds an aura of speciality to the Erezha South Kara. According to the preference and hierarchy, other Kettukazhchas in the respective order should not enter the field, unless the Kettukazhcha of the first Kara fields it. The people of this Kara brings the Mudi to the temple on the first day of Ethirelppu..

Erezha North Hyndava Karayogam, No-41 Erezha North Kara is the secoend kara in Chettikulangar Temple. Erezha North Kettukazcha (Temple car) is gigantic in size, bewitchingly colourful, and on the move electrifing

Kaitha south  

Kaitha North It is believed that the village chieftains of Chettikulangara, who brought the Bhagavathi to this temple through 12 days long ardent prayers and committed efforts, also included the chieftain of the family of Kattoor of the present Kaitha North.

Kaitha North, the fourth kara of Chettikulangara, also belonging to the focal point of the first four Karas, wherein the temple, said to be situated in an erstwhile marsh lands.

The 350 odd families of this Kara, offer an enchanting Kuthira Kettukazhcha with a height of 73.25 feet high and with a width of 17.25 feet, one among the tallest and largest of the Ketukazhchas offered to the Bhagavathi.

On the fourth day of the Ethirelppu festival, the Anpoli at Neduvelippadikkal, is offered by this kara. The Anpoli here is conducted to commemorate the event of Bhagavathy said to take siesta at this place while on her journey to Chettikulangara. Similarly, Kaitha North kara also conducts the Erakkipooja at Kolasseril to memorise the point of place which is said to be the dwelling place of the then village chieftain of Kaitha North.

The Thiruvantham, said to be the 'divine fireball of Darika' is also carried by the people of Kaitha North, during the Aswathy festival. It is believed that the Bhagavathy gets incensed by this light, and scare the Thiruvantham away, according to the popular legends during the festivities related to 'Aswathy festival'.

Kannamangalam south  

Kannamangalam North  




Mattom North  

Mattom South  



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